HT Uniqueness

HT Uniqueness

Transformation is BREAKING FREE!

We develop pastors, leaders and business leaders to embrace the Kingdom Lifestyle so that they will thrive and grow in their Churches and communities.

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Everything Heart Transformation does leads to the daily personal Saturation of the Presence of God, thus transforming lives:

  • Every teaching, study, and series includes personal application questions geared toward personal transformation by the power of God, which ignites church & community transformation.
  • HT emphasizes that it is the Word & the Holy Spirit Who transforms and works in/through an individual according to His will – this is where God’s power becomes evident.
  • Daily intimacy with God enables us to be continually full of the Holy Spirit, verifying that all things are possible!
  • Shepherding Pastors/Churches to become & stay Saturated with the Presence of God while creating Shepherds within each church through the Heart Transformation materials.
  • When the HT process is fully implemented, Community & Cultural Transformation is expected.
  • Personal Saturation with the Presence of God allows His grace & power to overflow so that marriages, families, friends, business relationships and eventually the whole community experiences the fullness of God & transformation: This is God’s Design.
  • HT Network: individuals, churches & organizations choose to participate by accepting the HT standards & meeting the qualifications. The Network offers “ongoing discipleship” for decades to everyone involved.

Volunteerism of the indigenous people is how this ministry is based & grows. They mentor & teach one another about Heart Transformation.