About us

About Us

What is Heart Transformation?

Heart Transformation (HT) is a network/platform for Pastors, Leaders, and Business people, participating in a move of God so that they and their congregations are saturated with the presence of God and become transformed into the likeness of Jesus, therefore overflowing as a Transformation Community by:

  • Having a life that overflows with God’s joy, hope, power, love and thanksgiving; becoming distinctively different no matter the circumstance.
  • Becoming a vibrant, authentic and contagious disciple, who lives with and guides others in this process.
  • Having freedom from the enemy & worldly temptations.
  • Living a fulfilling & satisfying life – you understand what it means to be great in God’s eyes.
  • A transformed life that brings hope
  • A transformed people that change their Communities with the love of Jesus
Our Hope
  • That people and churches overflow with Love, Hope, Peace and the power of God
  • That the business community would thrive and reduce unemployment by 50%
  • Put an end to co-habitation
  • That corruption in government and all other areas would be reduced greatly
  • That students and youth would flourish
  • That citizens would experience innovative freedom

Heart Transformation Plan

Win 3,750,000 people in Ghana to Christ in 20 to 30 years. Ignite and train communities around the world that they might experience the fullness and power of God therefore being transformed. God will use them to ignite and transform others Love God, Love people and reach out to the Pastors/Leaders of churches as well as Business Men and Women.

Saturation Effect on the community

  • Awakening
  • Revival
  • Igniting

Transformation takes place when a person/church/community becomes Saturated with the Presence of God. Saturated with the presence of God in a heart that is not contaminated with the world, wrong loves, sin patterns, or woundedness. These issues in one’s heart and Spirit must be replaced with God’s fullness, character and Spirit. We believe that God wants to transform us into the likeness of Jesus. We believe that God will do this as we seek to have a pure heart and live a pure life, We believe God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit expects us to love Him with ALL our heart and not some of it We believe that if one becomes Saturated with the Presence of God, transformation will take place as a result of the power of God in and through that individual.

Keith and Karen Peterson – Founders

Keith & Karen Peterson have been deeply involved in church leadership and the pursuit of Christian living for many decades. Twenty+ years ago, they realized that they were not doing the things Jesus did (John14:12): they weren’t overflowowing with love, joy, hope, thanksgiving and God’s power. They asked the bold question: “Is this all there is; must it be this way? Why are our lives not exhibiting the life promised by Jesus?”

It was at that point that the Lord revealed the need for them to love Him with all their hearts. They began doing studies and God revealed a process for learning to love Him wholeheartedly, step by step.

It took five years for the process to be formulated and another three years to renew it. Small groups began to use their study, churches became involved, and even businesses witnessed unusual transformation take place among their employees, as they grew in Christlikeness.

Pastor Emmanuel & Lucky Dusu - African Director

Pastor Emmanuel & Lucky Dusu are a couple that exhibit the power, love, & knowledge of Jesus’ life. Emmanuel is our African Director with Lucky’s assistance. Pastor Dusu and the volunteer team that assists him receive no compensation for their time; they work for God’s Kingdom. At this time, we have countries we directly work within: Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa. This ministry is both English & French speaking; expanding on a multiplying level through a mighty move of God.

Pastor Emmanuel Dusu is also the Founder and Leader of Nation to Nation Evangelistic Mission