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“Everyone who is called by My Name, whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes, I have made him…” Relationship means to know, trust & enjoy! In everyday life, we have all experienced a “higher quality relationship”: desiring to “be with someone” and “to do and accomplish things together”! This is what God is intending in our Father/child relationship with Him. As in our scripture: the Lord reveals that He has formed each of us; made us. Why? We have been created for His glory. It is one thing to honor our God out of reverential fear; quite another to glorify Him through relationship of knowing trusting and enjoying Him. We know God is admired when people want to know all about Him; trust everything He does, says and is going to do. This defines how awesome our Lord is. He is not only all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present; but He is a Person Who enjoys the very thing that He created: us.


When we adore Him in all these ways, we are bringing Him glory! God wants us to have great marriages, well-trained children, great relationships with others; but how can all this be done without relationship and partnership with Him, our supernatural God in all of my life? We are to be in awe; having reverential fear! We are to love Him, know Him in every way. We are to trust and enjoy Him. This is RELATIONSHIP. To live this Christian life, the way God intended, relationship is required. He desires it with us and we should be desiring it with Him. In this way, we will exhibit the life of Jesus in us and through us. Do you enjoy your relationship with the Lord? ____________________ How do you enjoy it? __________________________ What needs to be transformed in order to bring it to a higher level? ____________


“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses...” Glory be to God. We thank our God for His design and the opportunity we have in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit does so many things. Here are things spoken of in Scripture. The Holy Spirit: fills, stirs, instructs, admonishes, renews the earth, leads, speaks, gives strength, gives prophecy, gives rest, guides, physically moves people, sends, made us, puts plans in our mind, helps, comes upon, pours upon, in us, conceives, convicts, baptizes, drives out demons, gives life, testifies about you, makes things known, gives power, gives gifts, physically hinders, compels, warns, makes overseers, urges, circumcises hearts, controls the mind, lives in you, gives life, puts to death misdeeds, testifies with our spirit, helps us pray, intercedes, confirms in us, gives us an overflow, sanctifies, gives signs and miracles, reveals, searches all things, makes clear, helps us accept, makes us competent, transforms us, fellowships, gives Fruit of the Spirit, vindicates, testifies to truth! The Holy Spirit is so special & precious. Treasure Him! Look for the Holy Spirit to do these things in your life. Recognize when the Holy Spirit of power has done them unto you. You are richly blessed. Glory be to our God!!

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